Thursday, December 6, 2007

Blood Diamonds,What are they?

Blood diamonds is the name given to diamonds from Western and Central Africa due to the conflict beginning at the late 1990's also called conflict diamonds.The world seen glimpses of what was happening there a little on the local news channels and a little more on the cable news channels.But, The World became aware of rebel armies were illegally using diamonds to fund their conflict against legitimate internationally recognized goverments.

For funding their operations,The rebels sell the diamonds to terrorists.Many Peoples hands were chopped off by the RUF units and these victims were sent to spread the message to fear the RUF for the terror they bring.They also tortured children that they suspected of ties to the RUF. Hospital patients were slaughtered in Freetown trying to clean out the town of rebels. It is no stretch to say that Sierra Leone became a sinkhole of death, torture, and terror.

The UN (United nations) along with non-govermental agencies and the help of the Worlds diamond industry set in place laws and standards to eliminate the conflict diamonds by change.One is called the Kimberly Process to ban the sale of conflict diamonds by strictly enforced measures set forth. The WDC (World Diamond Council) was formed, the WDC's mission to stop trade in conflict or blood diamonds by working with goverment and non-govermental organizations.

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