Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blue Diamond Ring with $ 85.000.000

Rare diamond that is estimated will create a new world record price per carat in diamond's auction in May, exhibited in London. The tiny circle of penny coins, diamonds are estimated to cost 5.8 to 8.5 million U.S. dollars according to estimates it. 7.03 carat ring is one of the little blue diamond in the world.

This diamond found in South Africa years ago and is now exhibited in Sotheby, Mayfair, London, England until Tuesday (28 / 4). Then the diamond will go to the block in Geneva on May 12. Jewel, the stone cut from a noble weight 26.58 carat rough, found in 2008 at the Cullinan mine.

This mine also produces diamonds Great Star of Africa 530 carat size, which is now decorate crown kingdom. Institute of rocks America (GIA) provides classes cleanse perfect blue diamond in the highest class that can be provided in the glorious piece of stone.

Cathy Malins, of Petra Diamonds, a company that mine diamonds, the diamonds represent the findings of this case is very unique. He said: "At our mines in South Africa we ferry around 2-3 million tons of stone per year. We are lucky enough to be possible if the piece, or two, blue diamonds from this mine. "" In short we can not know when this kind can be brilliant again. "

The Rare type of stone this glorious part because very few in the hemisphere that can found to brilliant blue. Rocks get this color at non-chemical substance called boron-metal that can absorb light color-appear during the formation of rock.

Target record

Auctioneer says even when the economic situation is less good, from the buyers bidding throughout the world began to flow. David Bennett, head of auction house Sotheby Europe and the Middle East, said: "This diamond would be purchased by someone who wanted to bring things that are not owned one in the world - someone who wants something very beautiful and very rare." "I am very optimistic even in markets such as the current scarcity of diamonds will be sold make it. "

In May 2008 a 3.73 carat diamond sold by auction house Sotheby worth 1,328,444 U.S. dollars, so it is a new world record for price per carat stone noble in the auction. If diamonds are sold according to this behavior for the approximate 8.5 million dollar then the diamond will break the world record. Buyers will also have the right to name this diamond.

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