Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tips For Choosing A right eyeglasses

If you have a complaint to the eye and require that you wear glasses. No need to worry, because the election proper glasses will give a plus to your appearance. Here are some tips that can help you in selecting glasses.

A. Frames (frames)

Consider your face shape.For those oval-faced, suited to use almost all forms of the frame, do not hesitate to experiment to try different forms of the frame.
Round face, avoid round frames because it will reinforce your face shape is round. Choose the ellipse-shaped frame, this will disguise your face shape.
Square-shaped face, fit using the model of oval frames. This is to disguise the harsh and rigid forms of the jaw. Avoid box-shaped frame that would give the impression more rigid in your face.New Arrivals give you wide arrange selection eyeglasses models for complete your style.

For you if you're white, you are lucky because all the colors will match the frame used by you. Skin-colored skin or brown chocolate, choose a red frame, brown, gray, black metallic, and dark green. Yellow skin and the pink is more appropriate to use frames in green, yellow and brown. As for your black skin color is more suitable to use the frame gray, white yellow, metallic brown and metallic silver colors.With the right color you can more stylish with Holiday Fun Eyeglasses

Posture tall and straight, choose a sturdy frame and a bit thick, for you are tall and thin recommended to use a flexible frame and lightweight.
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