Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Koh I Noor, the Mountain of Ligh

Diamonds are often referred to as the noble king stone. Scarcity, beauty, strength, and their eternity make diamonds as a symbol of love, power, wealth and greatness. Diamond-related stories famous people, the king and queen majestic, all sorts of intrigue, love stories, fall, and even murder. Diamonds are not cracked by the time and never boring for told. For the moment let us know a diamond-the most famous diamonds in the world, Koh I Noor from the majestic to the Blue Jewelry; Blue Hope tragic story that smeared almost all the people that ever have it.

Koh I Noor, the Mountain of Light

Koh I Noor is currently stay with their beauty as one of the crown jewel in the kingdom of England, may be said, is the most famous jewel in the world. Legend who has the Koh I Noor will be the world. First recognized in 1304 as the property of M King of Malwa. Then in the year 1500 M fall into the hands of the Sultan Babur and thousands year later owned by the Mogul empire. Being told that diamond was the 186 carat weight be sharpened before the reset, the diamond is one of caparison bird peacock throne of Shah Jehan majestic, the king built the Taj Mahal for his beloved wife; Mumtaz Mahal.

In the year 1739, the Persian king nadir Shah attacked Delhi and the Koh I Noor, its crown of peacock Indian emperor Shah Mohammed surrender of power by the Persians terrible. In fact he can not easily find these precious jewel. Then get the nadir Shah gossip from one of his harem that the authorities have lost the diamond in the fold his headdress. To the Shah of Persia was invited to take the prisoners to eat big feast, and invite exchange headdress! From the open coil headdress nadir Shah then find these stones shimmer. Light of the stars shining like making them cry out loud 'Koh I Noor' which means' Mountain of Light '.

Being seizured after the other by the descendants of Shah nadir, in the year 1849 when Delhi became tributary English magnificent diamonds are made by the East India Company as a guarantee on the Sikh war. Later in the year 1850 Koh I Noor is presented to Queen Victoria and show on Crystal Palace. Because many visitors are disappointed because the diamonds are no longer emit light shimmer that so-rant, the Queen then ordered the diamond is cut back and be sharpened 105.60 carat weight to be paired on the crown and the kingdom as the main diamond. New crown worn with majestic at the time of Queen Mary in event inauguration her husband as King UK. Then, apply also by Queen Elizabeth (currently referred to as the Queen Mother - Mother Suri) in the year 1937 at the time . During this period the diamond - the triumph of the king and queen are stored in the London Tower and the Crown of the United Kingdom.

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