Monday, March 16, 2009

Cullinan and the Great Star of Africa

Cullinan diamond is the world's largest diamond ever found. When it before cut and sharpened it size is 3106 carat or weighing the same as the 1 1 / 2 pounds. And the diamonds that are found from South Africa in the year 1905 is cut into 9 major stones and 96 pieces in smaller sizes. This diamond is very popular because of the beauty of color and purity of extremes. Cullinan was named the name of Sir Thomas Cullinan, who opened Premiere Digging in South Africa where this beautiful diamond found. Interesting to note that the Cullinan diamond has a very fine side and flat on the surface when one is found. Make sure that the experts Cullinan diamond is only one fracture of a larger diamond, but separated again by the natural environment.

Cullinan purchased by Transvaal Government for $ 750,000 in condition before be hoof and be sharpened. Then be devoted to the King Edward VII of England on the day of birthday in the year 1907. The next year of King Edward ordered the diamond is cut and be sharpened by Asscher's Diamond Co. in Amsterdam. The two largest discount Cullinan I and Cullinan II. Cullinan I is named the Great Star of Africa by the king and installed on the rods of the UK, which is redesigned for the Cullinan diamond it can be. It weights 530.20 carat diamond has 74 faset very unusual form of the pear fruit. The younger brother, the second snippet Cullinan also called Lesser Star of Africa, a place that does not get lost in a respectable range noble stones. Currently, the younger brother with a 317.40 carat size and shape 'cushion' the square of bright, decorate crown kingdom as one of the UK.

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