Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Blue Hope - Beauty of the tragedy

The Blue diamonds that are very beautiful. Surrounded by small diamonds as much as 16 grains, and depends on the chain of 45 diamonds with white diamonds. Rare stone with size 44 rust is very famous because of a bad reputation because it is considered to bring misfortune on anyone who has ever been. Somehow is there a relationship with it bloody story of , seems a premonition, this blue diamonds refract the strange light red and unique it was lighten with ultra violet.

The story of the bright blue that was named 'Blue Diamond of the Crown "or" French Blue "by Louis XIV, came from old mines in India, and sold by a trader in the year 1668 to the French king Louis XIV. Installed with gold and tied the ribbon to install in the neck, the King often used this diamond with pride on official occasions. Then the tragic story begins in the late 17th century when the next owner of Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette got end of life with a grisly death by a knife cut on the Guillotine on French revolution.The Blue is published have lost stolen during the revolution and beginning the year 1800 there is mention that the diamond is owned by British King George IV. After the king died diamonds sold to join this get even the King! And purchased by Henry Hope Phillipe in the year 1830 and the name used to designate the Blue.

Bad reputation, was more owned by this Blue Diamond from France when Hope family died in a poor and miserable. The next heir to Sir Francis Hope The Hope for selling completely bankrupt due their hobby with gamble. Business guy from New York, Simon Frankel purchased in the year 1901, and then switch hands to the broker of France, Jacques Colot. But bad luck still continue because Colot to be mad and died because of suicide. Override the tragic story of a double diamond loan from the Russian prince, Ivan Kanitowsky. That woman shots until dead at the time of first time use. The Prince alone stabbed to death by a revolutionary. Greek jewelry sellers who sell on the Sultan of Turkey, died ad slammed in the canyon when he drove his car with his wife and son.

Myth or not, diamonds continue to switch hands. Mentioned that the researchers stressed that the tragic story of the Hope is a story spread by Pierre Cartier - who said that the diamond is to bring unluck to anyone who has, even to the everyone that only touch it!. Mrs. McLean's American, daughter of Thomas F. Walsh a rich gold mine because it refused to believe the curse of stone is diamond. However, he eventually own bitter experience that fate because their son who died by accident on aged 9 years old, her husband became a drunkard and died mad in the mental hospital. Daughter the only one who died aged 25 years also due overdosis drugs. Ms Mclean very own hit by tragedy and died not long after the sadness drag the have.

At this time the blue Hope diamond was donated to the Smithsonian Institute by famous jewelry company Harry Winston. After the company for 10 years for organizing the exhibition Blue Diamond with other famous noble stone.

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