Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Burton Taylor - Two Stars's Love Story

Who did not know Elizabeth Taylor? Legendary Hollywood movie stars who are also may be spelled-even obsessed - by the jewelry collections of assets. Even a book was published with the title "My Love Affair with Jewelery. Richard Burton Elizabeth Taylor main couples in the film Cleopatra as Mark Anthony's love story further forward them to the hot stage wedding, divorced, and married again a year later, and divorced again.

Taylor Burton diamond is a diamond with a beautiful model and pear fruit slices that is so incredible . House won the Cartier diamond jewelry from the auction for $ 1,050,000. Told that the auction winner is entitled to have his name on the diamond. A day a new name Cartier, Richard Burton purchased the diamond price closed. The Burton Taylor First movie look at the birthday party of daughter Grace in Monaco to 40. This diamond looks spectacular necklace hanger as Elizabeth Taylor, with a size of 69.42 carat, pear-shaped with incredible faset
In 1978 following a divorce and the death of Richar Burton, Elizabeth Taylor aucted The Burton Taylor with the aim to build a hospital in Botswana's sales results. Is Published that to check for any potential prospective buyers are charged $ 2500! Because saking to indicate the high cost and security required by the diamonds. Finally a year later sold the diamond with a price more than $ 3 million to the diamond traders from Saudi Arabia, Robert Mouawad.

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