Friday, April 24, 2009

The Orloff - Unreply Love

Diamonds according to the legend are sized 300 rust when first found in India, shining verdure, formed according to the model with the 'discount roses' Mogul. According to the story was brilliant this is one of the diamonds which is the eye of the god Vishnu statue which is located in the temple of Sri Rangen. In the years around 1700 diamond is stolen by a French soldier who masquerade as a Hindu. He stole one of the eyes of the gods, fled, and sell them on a boat captain with berkebangsaan UK price 2000 pounds. Name Orloff obtained after diamonds are located in Amsterdam.

Russian nobleman named grigori Orloff is a former paramour Russian Tsarina Catherine the Great that the story has many lovers. Means want to take back the hearts of the lovers, Count Orloff diamond after hearing the story with the purchase price is 90,000 pounds and presents to the Tsarina. Catherine the Great are happy to receive it, and install the Orloff diamond rod kingdom. But what would the word, love the Tsarina he can not get it again. Although the Tsarina and the award to the marble palace Count Orloff, the countess did not bear the power of his heart that disappointed. The Orloff is currently residing in Moscow as one of the State property.

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