Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blue Diamond Ring $920 000

Cathy Malins, of Petra Diamonds, a diamond mining company that is, describe the discovery of this diamond as it is very unique.This diamond found in South Africa last year and is now on display at Sotheby's, Mayfair, London, England until Tuesday (28 / 4).Rare type of precious stones is partly because very few parts of the earth in the world that can be mined for blue diamonds.The mine also produces diamonds Great Star of Africa 530-carat size, which now menghiasai royal crown.Smaller than penny circles, diamonds worth estimated 8 to 5 million U.

Rocks Institute of America (GIA) provides a perfect grade blue clarity of the diamonds, the highest class that can be given on a piece of precious stones.The buyer will also have the right to name the diamond.David Bennett, head of auction house Sotheby's Europe and Middle East, said: "Things like this will be bought by someone who wants pocketed something not owned one in the world - someone who wants something very, very beautiful and rare.He said: "At our mines in South Africa we are mining for about 2-3 million tons of stone per year.USD 2 billion), according to estimates seller.In short we do not know when it might be a diamond of this kind again '.We'll be lucky enough to be a piece, or two, blue diamonds from this mine.Then the diamonds will be auctioned in Geneva on 12 May These gems, cut from a rough precious stone weighing 58 carats, was found in 2008 at the Cullinan mine.In May 2008 of a 73-carat diamond was sold by auction house Sotheby's for $ 1,328,444 U.

This 03-carat ring is one of the very few blue diamonds in the world.A Piece of a rare diamond that is expected to create a new world record price per carat of diamonds in an auction in May, exhibited in London.If diamonds are sold according to the estimated 5 million dollars worth of the diamonds it will break the world record.These stones have the color as a non-chemical called boron-metal that can absorb light in color-appear during the formation of rocks.I'm very optimistic even in markets such as the scarcity of diamonds now this will make it sell.Target record Auctioneer said despite the current economic situation is less good, the supply of buyers around the world began to flood.

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Eco Friendly Diamonds said...

Blue diamonds are in high demand now, so they used to set records) Like the most recently sold for $6,4 million as Sotheby's auction in April this year. This fancy blue weights 5.16 carats and is the one to set the record for the highest price per carat of blue diamond. Despite blues are sooo expensive, they are extremely popular. I think, high price would not stop jewelry fans from purchasing expensive rare diamonds.