Friday, April 30, 2010

Diamond : The Sparkling Stone

Diamonds are very great and save a lot of interesting stories behind the luster. 'Diamonds are a girls best friend, "says the expression is often asked people to this gem. Diamonds are formed from pure carbon in the belly of the earth, diamond is the densest natural substance known to have ever manusia.Bahkan word diamond itself is derived from the Greek word 'Adamas' which means invisible and indestructible. Because of the hard, diamond is very valuable. Diamonds are also frequently associated as a good luck and always believed as having mystical power objects for its ability to refract light.

Diamonds as jewelry began to be known since the Middle Ages in Europe when supply increases, coupled with the cut and polished technique in particular. This Saaat, diamond mining, particularly in Africa, producing approximately 26 000 kilograms of diamonds every year. In addition, Australia, India and Russia is also a major diamond producing nations.

Diamond is very special because of various reasons. Starting from certain festivals such as engagement, wedding, and anniversary. For many people like a diamond valued heirloom or other forms of investment. Petunangan first diamond ring suspected when the Archduke of Austria married Mary Burgundy in the 15th century. But a diamond engagement ring first commercially popularized by the company De Beers in the early 20th century through a row of ad campaigns.
In addition to captivating sheen that glows, diamond also symbolizes the image of classy, elegant and pure. He is also available in a variety of jewelry, from rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Can even be found in other accessories such as watches, mobile phone to provide a sophisticated fashion statement nan luxury.

Choosing the right diamond is not as difficult as you imagine. And when you've found it, it is easy to treat and store it.

There are several ways to treat and save the diamond, among others:
- Put on your diamond as the last item before I go and stuff off when you first arrive home.
- Store in a separate place. Every diamond that you have must be kept in his own box to prevent blisters. Big mistake that women often do is to store all their diamond jewelery in one box
- Avoid using diamonds while doing housework
- Perform routine examination to an expert to check your diamond shape.
- You can clean your diamonds by using a special liquid and a soft cloth. But it would be better if the work performed by expert hands. Clean each six months.

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