Monday, May 10, 2010

How To Take Care A diamond Ring?

Diamonds are usually have a relatively expensive price was very liked by the wearer. These diamonds are also used in wear necklaces, bracelets, pendants and most often used is a diamond ring. This diamond ring is usually used by people as a wedding ring
Therefore, a diamond wedding ring became one of the favorites of young couples to declare their faithful love. Many young couples who dream of the most beautiful moments in life that their ring fingers can be equipped with a diamond ring. A prayer for the permanence of marriage. Unfortunately, time also eroded the glittering ring. Perhaps it is because you are paying less attention to maintenance.

HOW ARE TREATING Diamond Wedding Ring.

1. Be careful of wearing the ring. Diamond is a hard material but they are easily cracked so it needs to be careful in using it. Take off the rings on when you perform activities that could affect the quality of the ring such as changing the oil in the car, climbing trees, and others.

2. At the time of exercise is better you let go of the ring, especially sports that involve a lot of hands like volleyball, basketball. Hold the tennis racquet is also unfavorable for diamond rings that are decorated around it.

3. At the moment you release the swim better ring. Existing chlorine in pool water can change the color of diamonds. Also if you swim in cold water, will cause you to shrink because of the cold finger and the possibility of ring you can release.

4. When cleaning your house better ring removed. Soap and other cleaning will be able to tarnish the ring. It would be better if you remove the ring while washing clothes because the detergent will diminish the glow of your diamond.

5. When gardening is better to release the ring. Chances are you could damage the diamond when gardening.

6. Cooking is a joy most women. You need to remember seasoning dishes used will be able to form a hard coating on the ring is removed.

7. Lotion, sunscreen, hairspray, perfume used can also diminish or change the color of your diamond your diamond. Take off the ring if you would spread the material. And do not use the ring when I'm manicure.

When you see a stain on the ring, wash immediately with soap and water to soak for several minutes until last night. Can also wash the rings in a mixture of water and ammonia are similar in composition to many. But be careful when using the mixture. Do not wash a colored stone and porous in the solution. You can also bring a ring to the jewelers to be washed and checked the form, at least once a year.

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