Tuesday, May 18, 2010

World Diamond Price is Match with Rapaport Table

World diamond prices turns out there is the default.

If we read the magazine Rapaport then we will get information on world diamond prices, because in every magazine is published always slipped a diamond price list.

Price is the price of diamonds is a diamond in the U.S. or diamond prices in Europe. to get our diamond price list can be downloaded at its web http://www.rapaport.com but we will be charged.

But if we want to download with free price, there are still many sites that provide tables of diamonds diamond prices like that but the issue is not new or months have passed. However, because the price of diamonds is relatively stable so although old copies can still be used.

In general, the price of diamonds in America or in Europe or other overseas prices are generally more expensive than the price in Indonesia. There are several reasons why the price of diamonds in Indonesia cheaper?

1. Indonesia is a producer of diamonds

2. purchasing power is still relatively low in Indonesia

3. Diamond demand in the country also include relatively low, so do not be surprised if you buy a diamond outside the country but when they will sell it back in Indonesia was only offered half of the purchase price in America.

Rapaport we attach the following table, as your guide in buying diamonds. In reading the table Rapaport need special skills, not everyone can read it.

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