Thursday, May 13, 2010

Knowing About American Diamond

In this article we will review about the known american diamonds. WHY AMERICAN DIAMOND?

This gem like Diamond, because it's made for that purpose, their sheen very bright, this is caused by a very high refractive index. Although this brilliant jewel sheen is very bright,but their price is very cheap because their numbers very much. American Diamond called zircons, their chemical formula ZrO2. The Mohs hardness is reached 8.3.

Diamond differentiate VERY EASY with AMERICAN DIAMOND
1. Diamond does not react with the selector, the indicator light does not go up and not sound like a diamond.

2. Rainbow colors are more numerous and obvious, it is easier to distinguish.

3. Incised with a diamond needle test will also be easily scratched.

4. because the price is cheap eats lots on the market.

5. Zircon Colors vary, almost all the colors there.

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