Thursday, June 11, 2009

Perfect diamond for your Personality Type (1)

They say, diamonds are women's best friends. And as you like between friends that match your style and personality, so also should the diamond. Book A Girl's Guide to Buying Diamonds show how to choose and use a diamond that will show your personality and style that is unique. Fifth example personality below is just a guide. Do not be afraid to try different styles when choosing a variety of components for your diamond jewelry. One thing you must remember, jewelry that you choose should reflect sekelumit personality and your unique style.

The Traditional

The 'traditional' here is not old-fashioned or boring, but a woman and behave in a classical style and class. One of the characteristics is a time they choose the jewelry, accessories' standard 'they are a simple pearl or diamond earrings. Women in this category tend to be a relatively conservative berbusana not change from season to season.

If this is your style, diamond jewelry that is suitable with the classic rounded diamond brilliant cut much preferred. For a little touch of modern, try the princess cut is also simple but elegant.

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