Monday, June 22, 2009

Perfect diamond for your Personality Type (3)

The Rock Stars

Is your life filled with luminosity of the flash? Whether the content of your cupboard containing clothes with flashy colors, the bold, glamorous with designer labels? If you are not afraid to wear leather, animal skin patterns, or pavonine make-up, you may as Rock Stars type. Most likely, the jewelry you are wearing is same to dare: stones that noble shining on earrings that dangle, large necklaces, and rings that draw attention. There is not a taboo for the Rock Star, even the accessories 'shining' is the power of attraction.

To complement the personality of your 'fun' and the brave, brilliant tied with the cluster model or pave setting will make you shimmer without a jewel that must be put on the extra large or expensive. Select the platinum metals as something used for tying. So, the white-metal shine will give you more status you want.

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