Monday, June 15, 2009

Perfect diamond for your Personality Type (2)

If words like 'modern' and 'dynamic' or house style characterize the content of your cupboard, then perhaps you belong to this category. Neat and organized, your lifestyle reflect that taste good. Dress your most colorful in the materials that make up the body. While your jewelry box containing the items which is a combination of stone and metal, a flexible form of the body contours, or geometric forms of the artistic.

Generally, women do not shrink from choosing contemporary metals. Binding even in the glorious stone not afraid to use their metal with a large yellow or white. Minimalist form of stone as stone domed emerald cut and is suitable for women such as this. To view a more modern, try the form of a more brilliant style, such as oval or marquise, or brilliant technique with a tension-setting bond for the view that is completely modern.

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