Monday, May 4, 2009

Low Quality Diamond

What is Low Quality Diamond ?

Low quality diamond is a diamond type does not meet "Cutting" term, Cutting does not seem proportional to the comparison-glass or glass polishing not balanced. Proportion does not meet the Standard Model (which set the standard GIA or Aug and Marcel Tolkowsky). As a result of glass polishing glass that does not cause a proportional type of diamond is less lustrous. On the market diamonds of this type is known as the diamond line, there are also some polishing of diamond-like terrain, such as rubbing this. While for diamonds with good quality on the market known as the Europe diamond.

How Price This Diamond model?

Type of diamond is less preferred customer, because the quality of the ugly, less lustrous, and the order is less tidy. If the diamond model such as this have rarely interested person.But is still interested in the small cities that people more purchasing power are low. Determining the price of this type of diamond we can not refer to the table rappaport GIA.

On Denpasar diamond model like this a lot in the User and are usually sold in 1 set of jewelry. 1 set of jewelry consisting of 1 ring, 1 pendant, a pair of earing

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