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Tricks Choose Wedding Ring

is a symbol of love throughout the union and apply universally. It become a beginning of a relationship and describe the user status . In left ring finger the ring as if to speak: hey leave alone, I'm with somebody.

a wedding ring is held thousands of years past. Indeed, there is no ring when certain data is used to start marriage. But some literature on the many ancient roman times pair of iron plates to use as a simple association. They believe the ring circle as symbol of love eternal.

The centuries
This tradition was adopted and the west. Ring is considered as symbol of love and trust in a relationship men and women. Sometimes given before the marriage, known as the ring engangement or betrothal ring, also can be known when the marriage ceremony with a wedding ring.

Symbol in the ring

Deep development and design of the ring - a ring evolved. In the ancient roman times, for example, is known as the ring model.Key made of brass, bronze, or iron. Ring as symbol to go to the husband's property and may use his. Key ring models are used to open the box jewelry.
In the 15 th century began to use stone to enhance your wedding ring of gold. Rocklike this symbol represents a symbol in - community. Ruby is a majestic symbol of love. Emerald (emerald) imply hope and diamonds as the most rock solid is a symbol of eternity. In the period of this diamond in the ring pyramid-shaped.

start diamond engagement flare used in the start of the century to 18 Europe, there are several reasons that make a diamond so popular, namely the beauty signing, strength and many found diamond mines in Brazil. The duchess usually use for big diamond earrings, tiara, necklace and bracelet. But for them the diamond ring small fine or a bound on the silver cincinnya made from
gold adalh Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of England
called the first time choose around diamond ring for her marriage.The Queen known as the Queen of Diamond.
Finding Tiffani design (Tiffani setting) is considered a milestone a diamond ring the next change. The inventor, Charles Lewis Tiffany designed the rings gold diamond set that have --
middle circle which emit scintillation spellbind. Design affirm the greatness of using symbol.
Choose ring
In the the present time, a variety of wedding ring is available in various models and material that is vary. But a wedding ring most commonly used is to use the basic materials of gold or platinum. Gold is shown in a variety of colors such as yellow, pink or white platinum. Degree of rust in common use are 18 gold karat.Gold with Purity 24 carat less suitable as a wedding ring because of the nature metal software so easy to change resulting from the use of day-to-day.
the other is platinum colored shiny silvery white style classic. Like gold, the value is determined between the ring mixture of other metals such as iridium and ruthenium. For the price,
based platinum ring more expensive relative rather than gold.
a wedding ring is generally simple. Many couples choose the design of plain used as practical for daily . If want more special, choice is with the touch of a jewel in the ring gold or platinum. Diamond is still a most popular choice until now.
choosing a wedding ring that matches are a few things that can be
guide. Such as:
1. budget
how about budget? Pricing wedding ring is usually determined by the type of material,
carat weight and value. And additional decoration such diamonds. To certified diamond wedding ring, for example, the price certainly more rather expensive ring normal. When we have limited budget can work with especial weight, degree, and a simple model. For noble metal prices standard generally the same. You can find the money to the cost of making the cheaper.
2. model
beautiful not usually into the ring first consideration in choosing. You can choose on ring store directly or find a reference model and made a special request. In choosing the model you need to remember, different from the other ring, wedding ring will be forever (ideally). So consider the shape, what does not disrupt activity, whether the design will last longer and not stale quickly.
Do not forget to consider both in order to look beautiful in the ring
3. material.
This not only related to the budget or taste, in determining choice of materials, should also consider aspects of health. Do you allergic to the material - a material. On a number of cases,
sweat someone react differently to a particular material.
4. size
do not try it without buying a ring. Ring must feel comfortable and inherent and fit with your finger, not to narrow, saggy, or the color does not match with the color anda. The tradition on
left ring finger .Left ring finger is a place which is used for ring marry. There is no standard rule about this but this tradition is popular and universal validity of this tradition derives perhaps from the belief in the ancient roman mention that on the left ring finger there vena amoris related directly with kidney. Practical is reason which is also often raised, left hand ring finger
considered to be the least used so that the ring is relatively

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