Friday, May 1, 2009

Measure Diamond Weight

How do we measure the Diamond Weight?

Measure of the diamond weight is not very difficult, many tools used in measuring of diamond weight. Moreover, for diamonds that are not bound and rounded shape. There are tools called meetmess, the diamond is measured on the crown with meetmess, tailored to the hole on the meetmess it.

That tool can only be used to measure the form of rounded diamonds, generally this tool can only measure the weight of diamonds with 2 Carat, because the largest hole size two Carat.

Another tool to measure the diamond is tool and Moe's book, diamond measured the width and height ago diameter size see table books on Moe's book, the tool is also only for the rounded diamond . Diamonds bound for the bowl so that the high measured would make difficulties.

The other measure way in the calculation of diamonds is generally measured with a diamond tool called AD Leveridge. Then input the results to Formula . Unit is a millimeter in size and results in rust. When a unit still another form of the need to convert first to the millimeter.

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