Thursday, May 14, 2009

Perceptivity Purchase Diamond

For you who want to buy diamonds, of course must be carefully selected. Not only get top quality diamonds, but also the price that fit so that you do not feel deceived.


Bigger carat size of diamonds, so the price of diamond would be more expensive, examples of the 5 carat D (white) price ranges about $300.000 net while the L rust color (slightly yellow) net price ranges $ 50000.


Colors are categorized based on the alphabet, starting from the white, D, and E, F, G, H, and Z. Other colors are also considered to be high is the color red, green, and blue.


Clarity (clarity) diamonds are also observable. Use special glasses to read the clarity. Make sure the diamond was not disabled bit.


With the cutting technique is perfect, brilliant luster would radiated to all directions because of the nature of diamond have a catch light in the surrounding areas. Cutting techniques are the classes, such as diamond-cutting techniques with very good cut classified as briliant.

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